Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Aria Next Door is an award winning comedy made in 24 hours for the Boulder Shootout 2007.

The rules were to make the film in 24 hours, edit all In-Camera, and use 5 of the 11 items provided to you at the start of the competition. Our items were,

1. a person with red hair
2. haning items up to dry
3. an energy efficient light bulb
4. the line "How about them Rockies"
5. A particular set of benches in Boulder.

If you don't know what In-Camera Editing is, I'll explain. It means that editing is not allowed in this competition and therefore, if you need to do a second or third take of a shot, you must rewind the tape in your camera and shoot over the previous take. Once you are done with a shot, you cue up the tape in the camera and move to your next location and so on.

Go to The Shootout Boulder's website to check out how you can enter this next year and compete against us or just watch some other films (for that go to this link)!