Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Tom's Revenge

I wanted to post one of my films on my blog. Kos also wrote and starred in the film, winning best screenplay at the festival.

Tom's Revenge (2005) was made in 24 hours for The Shootout Boulder 2005. It was shot in-sequence and was not allowed to be edited.

Also, the festival had a list of 12 objects/locations/lines that we received at the beginning of the 24 hours. We had to feature five of them -- our choice as to which -- in the movie. The five we chose were a rubber ducky, a Shoot Out Boulder poster, a mosaic park bench, "You're a good man Charlie Brown," and a pumpkin.

Winner of Best Comedy, Best Screenplay and Best Director for the festival.


Jeff said...

That is one of the best films in all of creation. The guy who played Tom is outstanding!

O' Tim said...

Tom's a loser, but hey, the writing is great! Definitely good for a few mid-day chuckles. Good job, fellows, and congrats on all the accolades.

Jeff said...
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Jeff said...

You better participate this time!